beste iphone apps

Aside from the usual first rated such as facebook, twitter and instagram, here are some other iphone apps that are besteping the list (either free or paid). (Not in order!) 1. Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Search, Google Drive, Google Chrome 2. Movie Related App: Flixster, IMDb Movies & TV, Overcast, 3. Iphone Weather Apps: Weather Underground, Yahoo Weather, Dark Sky, 4. Personal Assistant Apps: Dran Dictation- transforms what you say to texts, EasilyDo - a personal assistant and automation machine, , Dayone – a journaling application, Evernote, ifttt, Timeful,and converter plus 5. Photo Related Apps: VSCO Cam, Dayre Free, Horizon, Storehouse 6. Mobile Search Engine / Encyclopedia: Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha 7. File Organizer: Dropbox 8. Text, Call and Video Call Related: WeChat, Skype, Viber 9. Fleksy Keyboard 10. Red Laser Barcode Scanner

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